About us:

* DOMSEC offers technology security consulting, and a level of security information event management (ISMS or SIEM) support and services, including appliance health care, log feed integration, and general advice.

* DOMSEC Limited was founded in 2000 by Kevin Graham to provide bespoke security design services to Vizzavi, a start-up of Vodafone and Vivendi, on behalf of IDsec Limited. This led to a permanent TDA role within IDsec and managing service delivery, including managed information security services for Vodafone UK until 2014.

* Kevin Graham is a CISSP in good standing, with a versatile holistic background combining integration, governance, monitoring, assessment and development. Working in medium data behavioural anomaly and targetted attack identification, for over ten years in large organisations, he has built on a solid foundation of programme security roles, supplementing large organisation security teams, mentoring, establishing configuration and build standards, mitigating risk surface and contributing to data segregation and process monitoring. Generally an efficient facilitator for progress and effective delivery, he draws on a successful blue-chip legacy in defence, government, banking and international standards consultancy; senior technology skills in solution engineering, database, network administration, programming, testing and audit.

* Background: IDsec was founded in 1997 as the first European partner of Internet Security Systems (now IBM Security), by former colleagues and fellow security specialists from Raytheon Data Logic, in government and defence. The team was widely skilled in application and network security testing, and advanced network defence. Clients grew to include many of the UK top 100, financials, telecoms, energy and government.

* DOMSEC is registered 4077408 in England and Wales.

Log management. Security Analytics. Security Intelligence. Security Information Event Management (SIEM). Protective Monitoring and Good Practise Guides (GPG). Payment Card Industry (PCI) or Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). We can work with a variety of platforms, but focus on IBM and RSA solutions. QRadar, siteprotector, envision, network intelligence, Intrusion detection, IDS, Intrusion Prevention, IPS, Open source. Troubleshooting, tuning and maintenance. Splunk.

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